Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When is "Enough"?

For two years having this "in a relationship" is hard for me. Their are things that i can't recover until now. Sad thing, but it's true and i thank God because i'm still hanging on it,  not giving it up for the sake of my "feeling". I intend to end it up but i'm scared to do it. Scared of loosing, be hurt and be broken because in every time we're together he fills me up, he makes me feel he loves me much, and he makes me feel whole. And that was just a "feeling" i just remembered what our senior Pastor said "A feeling is not consider as he/she "loves" you but "love" makes you feel it."
Sad thing that i don't feel it.

No one can fill of our desires except God. Because God loves us so much, He allows our desires even if its not the best yet for us. No one can compare Gods amazing Love for us sinners, even we sin and sin again and again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hearing the Sound of Silence

If only i could hear the Sounds of Silence
I'd rather be in it.
For it,  only I could breath it's essence
then I could feel my Silence.